Permanent Under Vehicle Scanner

Permanent Under Vehicle Scanner System (UVSS) is designed for the underside image capture of vehicles.

Permanent under vehicle scanner system

IP68 Burried line scanner


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Typical Vehicle


Permanent Under Vehicle Scanner

The RE-UVIS-02 is a powerful Permanent Under Vehicle Scanner System (UVSS) for the underside image capture of many types of vehicles and designed for fix position installation, such as secure borders or high-security locations. Workable day or night with high powered underside Lighting for bright, vivid capture of vehicle.

The device can quickly and accurately identify threats, contraband, smuggling, or persons hiding at the bottom. The mobile solution greatly improves vehicle safety inspection with speed and accuracy. Therefore, it can reduce investment in human resources.

Standard Functionality

  • Automatic high-resolution line scan
  • Complete image of under vehicle without any omissions.
  • Almost distortion free clear image.
  • Optional LPR recognition and capture
  • Multiple devices network control.
  • Multiple scene image monitoring.
  • Objects as small as 2mm visibility.

Product Details

Image Resolution Captured @ 12000 x 6144 pixels
Operational Voltage AC110/220 ±10% 50/60Hz ±10%
Vehicle Speed Capture > 30km/h no need to stop vehicle.
Envoirment Rating Device IP68 scannig device.
Material Stainless Steel
Size 110mm x 280mm x 234mm (L x W x H) [ 43.3″ x 11′ x 9.2′]
Communication Device armoured cable with Ethernet + Power.
Operating Temperature -25℃ — +60℃
Vehicle Weight Load baring up to 50T

A UVIS allows for a fully automated threat assessment by checking for the modifications of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Cars drive over a scanner while the system compiles multiple high-resolution images of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Making it easier to see any dangerous objects that may be hidden on top of an axle or within a wheel well. An overview/driver camera captures the face of the driver as well as the license plate of the vehicle.